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Cups of Coffee

It's all change at AuntyDaren!

Skint I understand, it's not only you,  but at AuntyDaren we can help.

in thus difficult time there it is time too make a change. its not about more money coming in. I mean we would all that. but it so hard for the ends of the rope to meet. Now I wish I could give you a solution and make everything right but at the moment this isn't going to happen I mean we have to stand with the ukrainian people and this also means that things are going to worse before they get better. So with this in mind there is only one thing I can say and that's good luck!

over the next few months we are going on a journey together and I hope that I can teach you how to make do and mend. This might seem a little of a common statement but we are going to keep calm and carry on. 

yes folks it back to the end of the 1930's the start of ww2 and how the British people won over adversity. well its not about use at the moment it the people in Europe and more important the people in the Ukraine that need out help against the aggression of the Russian government. Also its not all about the people on Russia as I'm sure that the same as in 1938 that not all of Germany was really ready to go to war....

so what does this mean well I want to make your money go further. I want to make sure that there is no waste and that we make use of every part of our shopping. so that a quick update on my site. the rest will come on the blog.

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so lets look at what the future holds

it might be hard out there but at auntydaren we look at this as a challenge. I know that the world is on the brink and energy prices have go sky high but this is easy to stop. you take control of your own destiny. to quote YODA ''DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY'' If you don't make it happen its not going to and this is all everything is in your hands

feel free to comment inone of the chat rooms that will be coming to life very soon lets turn into a true advice centre this should be like a advice centre that all people can give and get advice 

so tests the questions what would you like to see, im all about the food and making your family grow in mind body and sprit.
at the same time and penning this website and my YouTube channel I have another few thing on the go and this is where I need your help, 
TikTok is a fun place that im trying to break into, im also trying to write a book, and yes I have a few ideas one of them is a cook book and the other is a book about my life and I know that this might be unexpected and boring but this is the chance that I can let people see that not all LGBT. people are prissy and up themselves and we didn't all have one of those tragic back stories so of use had a very happy life

Canned Food

thinking of the future of all thing food

food is one of the most important things we have in life and its time to think about the cost of things, its a fact that all chefs lie to you. they will say that the ingredients an=re all really expensive this simply isn't the fact if you are canny with your shopping then you can eat really well for vey little money. this is changing the way you shop and the things you eat. we all tend to go a little meat heavy well unless your vegetarian or vegan and this is why food bill are spilling out of control. lets have a couple of days of the week that are themed around veg and none meat dishes this can be using meat alternatives.

so sitting on a bus I hers this

I was coming home from work about 6 years ago and because I a bit of a nosey Parker I was listening to a mum taking to her sone and the boy asked what was for tea and the mum said I only have £5 until payday ill give you a couple of quid to get yourself a happy meal. I'm sure you will agree this is not a good way to feed your kids. then lockdown hit use and the world went mad panic buying and making it so that people that had everything could have more and the people wo didn't have the money went without this is a tragice turn of events, its still not getting any better, and there is a cost of living crisis and people with very little are suffering again

Image by kerry rawlinson

its not about the budget

I don't care what your political beliefs are this is not the important thing weather you are from the left or the right then this is something that will affect you remember that we are all 2 to 3 pay days away from being on the street so this is the time that is needed to help our fellow man. or women if that term offends you.
I have built this site to to be a safe place to estrange ideas and a place that people can come and drop recipes from family classics to things that might feed family for less its free to everyone and is monitored by me

my rules

this is a safe place and I don't expect to see anyone on any of the forms bullying I expect to see respect to all and there is nothing that can't be talked about as long as it helpful. if you have Bargins to post then go for it and if you would like to post an affiliate link yet again go for it its your onion and there are loads of layers.  however if I find spam ( and not the sort that comes in a tin) then I will remove the post. I expect to see friendship to all and respect to ideas . no name calling and no nasty language this will also get you banned from the sit

Preserved Food

Budget food no fuss this is how to feed your family for less


I am AuntyDaren

My Background

I went to college and univercity in salford and love manchester so much. I have worked all over the country, in fact if you ask some of my friends they will say in my younger years I just used to disappear and not let them know where is was. this was because as a chef and restaurant manager I went to where the work was. I come from a time that I didnt have to think before I spoke and I like yo say that I have may own voice. I have worked in some of the best restaurants and some of the worse this has given me a unique view on the world. I had loads of money and I been so skint that I've had to go and get the lats £3.29 out of the bank to feed my family so I know what you're going through I ask you to please trust me.
I pride myself in presenting food that is easy to make and without pretention so if its instagram worthy food then Im not the man for you I am the man tp ask any question and I hope that I can help.
as I no longer work in food I spend my time looking after my disabled mother and as a person with disabilities I have fpund myself having to go through the benifits systam so I can answer question and give advice on how to bet the best out of the system and this isn't a way of saying that this is the way to f


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