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this is something that I've let slip!

over the past few weeks I've been thinking about what to do with this site

I have been a little laps at this website thing an d have not made any attempt to make it work for me. well today 30th April 2022 its all change and auntydaren is going toe run as a business and this is the start.

now I understand that there are not a lot of followers on here at the moment but I want it to be your one stop information shop. its free to join so why not subscribe to the site there new videos going onto YouTube all the time,

but its not all about the food its Aldo about the advice so I will be linking a new advice channel to my site and this will be. ONE PUFF IN A COUNCIL FLAT! This is more than an advice shop its an all round channel with reviews not only products but film and television. its also going to have a fun and I hope interesting VLOG.

as some of you who know me personally know I suffer from mental health problems fibromyalgia osteoarthritis type 2 diabetes and I am very over weight tis is not at all good for me so hold onto your shorts I hope this will be amazing and as interesting. so please come with me on my new journey into a world that is unknown to me and help me to grow through my pain and stop you from feeling it new videos will drop soon but in off not to start with the setup.


The World of Auntydaren

in my world

its been said that we all have pain in our lives and this is who we grow , some of use think that the world has a big stick and keeps hitting use with it but I promise you this is not the case and we can all grow. it sound a little on the nose but you can only grow if you put good thing in this means that although you might think the world is against you if you think good of people even if they have nothing good to say or think about you then the world will bend to your way and this isn't some supervillain statement my way to look ay life is that a stranger is someone that I haven't managed to help yet and not matter how dark it is in your life there is alway a light switch that you can turn on and illuminate you way from the deepest darkest moods to happy blue Skys.

I fine that the best way to get through to people ir to bake for them and this is what I do, my other new outlook is that I like my life! this is very important because until you like your life and the good thing you have you can't start to grow.

To steal a quote the world is always darkest before the first light. this means that until you let someone in you can't grow we all think we can do things alone but I've was a chef for 28 years and without the teams that I worked with I would not have been able to do my job this is now they way I hope I can live my life.

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