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The Perfect Sandwich

1st May 2022

a ;ot of people think that the know what makes a good sandwich and I can say you all have it wrong! this is why we roll our eyes when someone says im making a sandwich and the problem is that we use cheap supermarket sliced bread and there is know love going into the creation. im not going to say don't use sliced bread but id you are then do your self a favour and toast it. there are a couple of rules you should be using as well and the first is love its an old one but a good one you make it with love then love will come through in the taste.
I say use BUTTER but there may be a reason why you can't and of course that ok however be generous with the filling, there is no point to making something with limp bread and a couple of wafer thin scraps of scabby plastic ham.


so for my perfect sandwich prick up your ears and listen

1st may 2022

as I said it starts with the bread and this had to be fresh if it not the toast it.
this has to be done to the perfect golden brown and not to dark, you then need to think about the speed this can be butter mayonnaise it unto you but I will say keep clear of margarine tho will make the sandwich taste fatty and dull. 
now with the spread you need to do this from crust to crust remember this is an expression of love, the same with the filling generous and full this is very important there is not end of combinations that you can use but I would say at the very least there should be at least a combination of minimum od 2 items and this out adding things likes salad to bulk up the more wxpencive ingredients. remember this is nothing better than salad sandwich and this is a fact


once you have had the perfect Sandwich hen its time to lie down and relax

1st May 2022

now after a sandwich then the reaction from your loved ones should be to roll over and go to sleep this is a sign that you have done a good job. I know in our house when I make a sandwich it is hard to eat in in one sitting and this is a good thing. you should be able to cover the sandwich and come back to it later in the day.

a sandwich should be an event and not just a  place to put the rubbish out od the fridge.


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